I was born "pigeon toed".  My mother, a belly dancer, put me into classical ballet at age 8, as well as piano lessons. I also started learning Ballroom and Latin dances when I was 15, followed by the original form of Swing, Lindy Hop.


After eight years of ballet, at age 16, I was accepted into a ballet company, as well as beginning to teach Ballroom dance to friends and their parents. Training hard in Ballet and Lindy Hop had me setting out for the competitive world of dance.  Studying with dance legends for authenticity, and acrobats to hone in on aerials, kept me going in the right direction.  

In my first competition, I tied first place in a pre-U.S. Open Dance competition in Lindy Hop. Shortly after, an accident landed me in a wheel chair and in physical therapy for the next year.  I was rehabilitated and back to dancing regularly, including performing on television and working on film in the Los Angeles area for the following six years.  I relocated to San Francisco in 1999. studying music, new fusions of dance, as well as keeping my Lindy and Latin dance chops up.  

After thirty years of dancing,  I opened my studio in San Francisco in 2008.  I am blessed to have studied with legends Frankie Manning (Original Savoy Lindy Hop), Willie Desatoff ("Dean Collins" or "Hollywood Style" Lindy), Maxie Dorf (aka "the King of Balboa"), and Eddie Torres ("New York Style" Mambo/Salsa).  As well as excellent instructors Erin and Tammy Stevens from Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association (Ballroom, Salsa, American Tango, Savoy Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing/Smooth Hollywood Style Lindy), who purposely found Frankie Manning working in a post office since the sixties, and asked him to teach them everything he knew about Lindy Hop. Thanks to them, and to the Swedish Rhythm Hot Shots, for finding Al Minns, and simultaneously reviving Swing and African American vernacular dance in the late '80s).

I am also thankful to have learned from other master teachers, Ryan Francois (Savoy Lindy Hop), Alex de Silva (LA Style salsa), Sylvia Sykes (Authentic Balboa), Rob van Haaren (Savoy Lindy Hop, Charleston), and Lennart Westerlund (The Rhythym Hot Shots, who won first place at New York's Apollo Theater for their 1941 amazingly fast, difficult and athletic rendition of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers dance scene in the movie 'Hellzapoppin").  

I hope to share all of my knowledge of dance and my love and passion for music with you!

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