We have had a business in the Little Hollywood area of San Francisco for the past 8 years. This is a great and evolving neighborhood.  There are few places to go within walking distance, or a short drive, where people in the area can meet and do fun things together, which ultimately leads to friendships and a more vibrant place to live.

So we decided to open the San Francisco Social Club.

We offer dance lessons, cooking classes, art and literary workshops,  and a variety of other interesting activities. There is something for everyone.  You can socialize with people that share common interests.

Please see the Home Page with our Monthly Calendar of events. Use the Registration Form if interested in learning about private lessons. 

All of our events are cash or check at the door. We will also be accepting Paypal shortly.

​For more information - Kathryn at 415-806-9327

Our Philosophy

​​San Francisco Social Club